Are your salespeople struggling to receive calls back? We totally understand if this is the case. This is one of the most notorious roadblocks salespeople can come across because if you can’t get to your customers or clients, how are you supposed to do your job?

Getting to your customers can still be difficult despite all the technology and social media in the world. But we have an idea! Have you tried texting? 

We have five reasons as to how texting can help you connect with your customers faster.

  1. Calls are disruptive and are often spam
    1. Think about how many times you have heard your phone ring and you simply ignore it or let it go to voicemail because you don’t recognize the number or there is no caller ID? Your customers do the same with your number so shoot a text instead. Introduce yourself and your company. Make your pitch. 
  2. Voicemails aren’t reliable
    1. People ignore voicemails these days and send all their spam messages there. It’s most likely that your customers are doing the same. Don’t just leave your customer or client a voicemail and think your job is done. It’s not. Figure out another way to get through to them, or send them a text.
  3. Follow-ups are faster via text 
    1. Salespeople tend to send follow-up emails but sometimes these get deleted or end up in spam. Perhaps a smarter follow-up option is to just shoot them a text. Our inboxes are already flooded so why not try another medium to get to your customers and clients?
  4. Reminder texts are super helpful
    1. When you receive a reminder on your phone of a dentist appointment or a training session, it’s most likely via a text. So why not do the same when reminding your customers and clients about a call or an appointment? They will see the text message faster than an email and will more likely respond to it. Plus, it will remind them that you are trying to get in touch with them. 
  5. Texts are convenient
    1. Remember, not everyone likes talking on the phone so texts can be an alternative solution to getting them to respond quickly and well. Plus, most of your customers and clients are at work when you are so they cannot always pick up the phone, which is why a text can resolve this predicament too.

You can easily speed up your workday and sales process by getting the attention of your customers and clients via texting. Plus, texts have a 98% open rate, which means you can rest easy knowing your message will be seen!