Since the pandemic, the rules of sales within have changed. It’s becoming more difficult to gain people’s attention. 

Sales teams are discovering they don’t know how to effectively connect with people who are no longer sitting in their offices, so they’re forced to rely on alternative techniques, moving away from traditional sales routes. 

Gaining the attention and trust of a lead through an email campaign or text message is a whole new ballgame for many traditional salespeople, but it’s methods like these that work.

During this time of change, effective sales strategies are upping the game when it comes to being found, creating awareness, building reputation, and displaying credentials in a way they never have before. 

Here are two things you can do:

1. Foster connection over digital channels

Capturing a lead is half of the battle. The other half is nurturing that prospect and closing the client. In a remote-work world, video conferencing has completely changed the game as the primary method of communication. On these kinds of calls, people are more inclined to get down to business in order to navigate the changes in their personal schedules. 

What normally would’ve been a more personal connection that leverages personality and other means of identifying with an individual now becomes an exercise of knowledge. 

The relationship between the company and client is becoming more important than the relationship between the sales rep and client. It’s why traditional sales pitches don’t work over Zoom, but focusing on building the relationship does. 

Letting prospects know that you’re in this together and here to help them during a difficult time is how to move the needle away from “vendor” and toward “partner.” It’s all about the human connection as we mentioned in our earlier blog post. 

2. Remember, staffing industry sales are constantly evolving 

The old way of operating in sales is no longer an option post-pandemic. At a staffing firm’s core, they help businesses find skilled talent and candidates find fulfilling jobs. 

Letting this mentality drive your inbound marketing efforts will create a strategy that’s not only tailored to the current state of the market, but cuts through the noise and resonates with the people you want on your side.

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