You’re probably aware that hiring contractors result in an immediate solution to an urgent hiring need, has a faster hiring process, and has less red tape. So it should also be no surprise that companies are outsourcing certain jobs, especially tech-related jobs.

As technical recruiters here at Chameleon, we have noticed a few in-demand skills for tech contractors today and we’re here to share the list with you.

  1. Python: This in-demand coding language is used in a variety of career paths. Everything from object-oriented programming to functional programming patterns, Python can be used. The open-source coding language is intuitive and can cater to the needs of data scientists. The language can also be used across multiple platforms which is why there is a such a high demand for this skill.
  2. Internet of Things: The development of IoT has a lot to do with tech innovation and the ROI generation. By “moving beyond simple connected devices like smart appliances, IoT is now taking shape in the form of intelligent sensors, platforms, and autonomous, predictive analysis.” Knowing how to connect, collect, and exchange data not only creates opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world but also makes your business more efficient, increases your economic benefits, and reduces human exertions, which is what IoT is able to do and provide.
  3. Artificial intelligence: The use of AI is expansive – from marketing to supply-chain management to sales enablement. Essentially, companies are looking to do more with the data they have, and so a knowledge of AI and machine learning could provide insight for them. Plus, AI could also assist with streamlining internal processes, creating effective marketing campaigns, and increasing revenue for your business.
  4. Data security: We’ve heard about threats and cyber attacks, and we know the extent to which it can be a huge problem. Now more than ever, having skills in data security, InfoSec, or cybersecurity, is crucial and businesses are hiring for it. The demand for high-end IT security, data security, and cybersecurity is everlasting because companies are always going to want to ensure their data remains secure.
  5. Data science: Data science is not only essential but has become vital when making business decisions. It’s not an easy task and there is a shortage of talent, which is why this job is usually outsourced. “Data science roles require a mix of statistics, math, and computer science skills, along with fluency in Python and R programming languages, which is why finding qualified talent is such a challenge.”

Hiring a contractor to take care of your technical needs is smart because they are an on-demand workforce with in-demand tech skills, allowing companies and businesses to address their needs, guaranteeing high-quality work and ensuring project deadlines are met. Plus, for companies looking to remain competitive and provide innovative solutions, hiring professionals with these tech skills will only benefit the company’s reputation and keep you digitally updated.