Our Mission & Values

At Chameleon BI, we provide comprehensive data analytics solutions for staffing companies to help them achieve growth and make data-driven decisions. Our solution bridges all of your different systems and consolidates data into a single, centralized source for accurate reporting.

Our near real-time data analytics help every member of your team perform at a higher level and track employee performance with a dashboard of key performance indicators (KPIs). This empowers better decision-making at all levels of your organization, leading to increased efficiency and faster results.

With our robust analytics solution, you can gain full control and access to your data, helping your team hit numbers faster and with greater accuracy. No longer do you have to rely on intuition; our product provides you with the confidence of accurate and consolidated reporting.

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Our Story

Chameleon BI understands staffing companies because we started out as one ourselves. Our founder spent years in the industry analyzing data from various systems such as ATS, CRM, back-office, financial, marketing, and more. We know the importance of having a reliable reporting solution to effectively run the business and manage employee productivity. That’s why we created the Chameleon BI analytics platform to bridge all your different systems and provide a holistic reporting solution.

With our analytics platform, you’ll get trustworthy reporting generated from multiple sources, all consolidated into your own single source of truth (SSOT) where all your data lives. You’ll own your data, and we’ll store it, secure it, and provide reporting specifically for you. Our customized analytics solution allows you to make faster, better, and more informed business decisions. Don’t rely on guesswork or intuition anymore, let Chameleon BI help you unlock the power of your data!

Philanthropy & Community:

At Chameleon, we are passionate about giving back and do so in many ways. Some of the organizations we support include:


Near real-time dashboards that will provide your team with the appropriate data to ensure they are meeting their sales and recruiting goals.


Discover strategic insights and track patterns from your all data sources. 


Track all your managers, recruiters, and salespeople internally and better manage their performance. 


Acquire a deeper understanding of what’s going on with every job opening, candidate submission, and more within your pipeline.


Slice and dice your data and answer any questions you may have about your business with ad-hoc reporting. 


Combine all your data from various data sources into one BI platform and have your own system of reports.


Motivate, encourage, and engage in healthy competition across your team and office.