Transform your staffing firm’s performance with our powerful analytics solution, offering intuitive data reporting and direct insights to drive growth and success.



"The team at Chameleon has been a pleasure to work with. They have great technical ability to implement any custom metrics and visuals, and are always enthusiastic, friendly and happy to take time to communicate. The reporting service from Chameleon is very valuable to us, and provides many insights into our operations. Would definitely recommend!

Mark Nishikawa Data Engineer

"I appreciate how the staff at Chameleon listens to our requests and is proactive in finding solutions! Shout out to Jason and Prab - keep up the good work."

Carol Darling Controller

Chameleon has been fantastic to work with! They helped us make a custom solution that fit our needs and even allowed us to expand on top of it on our own. Everyone on their team is very helpful and a delight to work with! I would highly recommend!

Daniel Hollis Client Project Analyst

"The team at Chameleon has been so responsive to our questions, resolving any issues in a fast and efficient manner. They have truly partnered with our Talent Acquisition team to ensure the reports we received were meaningful to the business. Thank you for your amazing customer service! You rock!"

Jennifer Hegener Sr. Technical Recruiter

"I love our financial report; I think it's fabulous. It’s been really good to be able to pull that report up to see how we're trending. We rely on these reports tremendously."

Anastasia Valentine President/Managing Partner

"Now through the power of Chameleon BI reporting solutions, small and mid-sized staffing firms can affordably bring together data from all different sources within their organization. This is something we haven't been able to do before."

Maurice Fuller Founder

"The Chameleon team and staff are technically strong and accommodating! Having near real-time availability and access of the data has been great and the level of customer engagement with Chameleon has been awesome! They make us feel like we matter."

Keith Echols Executive Vice President

"The reports were a big hit during our annual meeting and everyone was very impressed by the detailed measurement capabilities!""

Kathryn Shaughnessy Marketing/Technology Specialist

"Chameleon BI has constructed a tool that gives you the ability to look at KPI’s in near real time, to share that view with your organization, and to change your view on the fly, to perform ‘what-if’ analysis or to zero into an issue or question. I can’t think of a more useful and essential tool for a business manager, or an organization."

David Lawrence I.T. Staffing Consultant

"I felt like I had no idea what was going on with the finances around my spending and advertising. Now I can see how much money I'm spending on job boards, how many placements I'm making with each job, and clearly see what my recruiters are doing. I can't believe how much time this saves me."

Lacey Clark CEO

"I've been a strong supporter of the reports and tell everyone that the [Chameleon BI] reports are the correct numbers. 99.9% time, I'm right and that makes me feel good."

Crystal Black Accounting/Business Operations Manager

"The reason we chose Chameleon is because of their expertise as they know the staffing business and they can keep up with the scalability of our company here at HireTech. And, it’s been a good experience and easy to work with them!"

Dan Teguh Chief Financial Officer


    Why every business decision should be empowered by data.

    We leverage your data to deliver actionable insights and powerful analytics. Our advanced reporting and predictive analytics capabilities provide you with the insights needed to make informed decisions. From operational and management reporting to visually stunning dashboards, our platform delivers a single source of truth that enables you to monitor the health of your business. With interactive reports and reliable data, you’ll have the power to optimize performance and achieve your goals. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your data.


    Near real-time dashboards that will provide your team with the appropriate data to ensure they are meeting their sales and recruiting goals.


    Discover strategic insights and track patterns from your all data sources. 


    Track all your managers, recruiters, and salespeople internally and better manage their performance. 


    Acquire a deeper understanding of what’s going on with every job opening, candidate submission, and more within your pipeline.


    Slice and dice your data and answer any questions you may have about your business with ad-hoc reporting. 


    Combine all your data from various data sources into one BI platform and have your own system of reports.


    Motivate, encourage, and engage in healthy competition across your team and office.